Technical information about drop kerb installations

What is a Drop Kerb?


A dropped kerb, also known as a vehicle access crossover, is an alteration to the footpath. It involves lowering the kerb and laying new foundations to the paving to enable a car to be driven onto the front area of a property.

The work involves lowering the kerbstones and strengthening the pavement to create a ramp, and must only be performed by an authorised company with Street Works Accreditation, such as the Dorset Dropped Kerb Company, who have the necessary Public Liability insurance to comply with the local authorities regulations.

Vehicle access cross overs consist normally of 3 or 4 dropped kerbs with a tapered or transition kerb on either side. The standard maximum total width at road level of dropped kerbs for a VAC is 3.6 metres (i.e. normally 4 dropped kerbs).

If there is already a VAC at the property which is shorter than 3.6 metres then it will be permitted to extend the crossing to this width.

If a road is narrow then in some cases a further dropped kerb will be allowed to provide easier access.

Please note:

A suitable permeable hard standing/driveway must be constructed prior to any work to the vehicle access crossing being undertaken. Hard standing means surfaces such as porous tarmac/concrete, slab paving or block paving and gravel (on a suitable sub base). Please note: Where you are intending to use gravel or a similar loose material on your driveway, concrete or blacktop should be laid in a 50cm strip from the boundary to the start of the graveled area to help reduce the problem of gravel being carried onto the pavement. If the material is carried onto the highway it will be your responsibility to remove it by sweeping etc.



The parking area within your property must be designed and constructed so that water does not drain from it across a footway. Suitable drainage must be provided within the boundaries of your property. Our site manager will be happy to advise you.


So what happens when a drop kerb is installed. Below is a short video showing a drop kerb installation and some technical information.