Parking in Bristol

With more & more Bristol streets becoming residents parking only, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to park on your own driveway?


The Bristol Dropped Kerb Company specialises in the installation of drop kerbs and off-road parking areas in Bristol and the surrounding area. The Dropped Kerb Company hold the relevant Street Accreditation Certificates and £10M Public Liability Insurance in compliance with Bristol City Councils’ regulations. We have many years experience in installing drop kerbs and with applying for the relevant planning permission. If you decide to have a drop kerb we will visit your property and take the correct measurements and see what public utility services are present, whether you are on a main road etc and any other consideration that would be needed for planning permission. We will fill in the planning application for you and submit the necessary drawings for the dropped kerb installation. Please note: Whilst we are happy to fill out the highway forms for free if full planning is necessary we will charge an one-off administration fee of £50.00 to include any ordnance survey maps required and registered postage costs.

Please note: If your property is on a ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ road, you will need to apply for full planning permission, there is currently an excavation licence fee of £250.00 to be paid directly to Bristol City Council and this is NOT refundable. Further information can be found on Bristol council’s website.

If you’d like a friendly chat or a Free Quotation for a drop kerb installation, please email or use the form below to book an appointment at your convenience. If you’re just at the stage where your considering the possibility of a drop kerb installation and would like to know the price before you book an appointment, we are happy to provide you with a on-line quote

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