Drop kerb installation in Bristol

If you would like more information on getting a Drop Kerb (Vehicle Crossing) installed and would like help with the application for consent for one, and with dealing with the local council, then please do not hesitate in contacting us – we believe you won’t get a better service or a better price from any other approved drop kerb contractor.

We have many years experience in installing drop kerbs in Dorset and the surrounding areas and with applying for the relevant planning permission. Our site manager has over 25 years experience of installing driveways and holds full Street Works Accreditation. We also have public liability insurance of £10 Million in compliance with Council Regulations.

If you decide to have a drop kerb we will visit your property and take the correct measurements and see what public utility services are present, whether you are on a main road etc and any other consideration that would be needed for planning permission.

We can also fill in the planning application for you and submit the necessary drawings for the dropped kerb.

Please note that there is a non-returnable application fee which is payable to the Dorset Council

How much does a drop kerb cost?

The cost of the drop kerb installation will depend upon several aspects, including the number of kerbs to be dropped and the pavement width, for a guideline of the cost please use our online ‘Quick Price’ form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.



We offer a choice of installation services

Option 1

We undertake the groundwork and install the dropped kerb over the required area to create access for your parking space.

Option 2

We undertake the groundwork, install the drop kerb plus install a shingle base to provide you with an off road parking space. Please note: This option requires 1M of paving or concrete at the front of the drive to prevent the shingle from shifting onto the public highway

Option 3

Upgrade to a blocked paved area

Installation of dropped kerbs, installation of a compacted scalping base and the laying of a block paved driveway*. Get an online driveway price within 24 hours

*Please note: In certain circumstances additional planning permission may be required. Our friendly team will be pleased to advise you.

Option 4

For the smaller Garden

Would you like to convert your garden into an off-road parking area but don’t want the expense and complication of planning>

Click here to see our parking solution for the smaller garden – No Planning Permission Needed

If you would like some advise about having a drop kerb or an off road parking space installed or would like a FREE Quotation, please phone our office on 01305230840 or email: sales@droppedkerbs.co.uk or fill in the online form and get an estimated cost within 24 hours

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